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Fern Plant



Bringing next-generation plant-derived medicines to market by resurrecting, documenting, and commercializing ancient formulas. Partnering with indigenous communities at origin to share IP revenue and build equitable, inclusive supply chains.


  • Enable community-led development through co-development of diverse, sustainable income streams.

  • Generate income for production and processing

  • Conserve acres of natural ecosystem

  • Equitably commercialize ancient knowledge

  • Facilitating the supply chain development of high quality medicinal plant biomass or manufacturing extracts in the country of origin to meet commercial requirements and share revenue with source communities building independent source community owned entities


We want to dramatically elevate wellness on planet earth throughbringing safer, more effective, natural medicines to market. Causing a cascade of research in natural medicine that will enable countless innovations providing relief to people around the world. The Amazon is home to more than 30 million people. They should have access to the therapeutic compounds and should share in the profits of the commercialization of these ancient recipes. The issue of proper respect for intellectual property rights must be of paramount concern. By sharing the profits with indigenous communities, their land and plants will be enriched and preserved so future generations can benefit from their gifts.

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