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We bring together modern medical and scientific experts with indigenous medicine practitioners to spearhead the urgent mission to search for and document the ancient botanical medicine knowledge of indigenous cultures of all continents of this planet. Through this process we will establish an economic incentive for rainforest preservation.


Our main focus is the preservation of knowledge through a comprehensive global search and documentation effort of ancient botanical medicine lineages. University libraries around the world contain volumes of books on ancestral botanical medicine, many of which are out of print and inaccessible to the public.This is a time sensitive mission to preserve humanity’s ancestral knowledge of botanical medicine into a global botanical medical database. 


As the database of this collective global pharmacopeia grows, it will also be designed to aid further research such that more effective natural medicines can be formulated into the future. The indigenous leaders of each respective native medicine lineage will be able to selectively develop commercial opportunities at their own discretion. Ancient Future Medicine’s mission is to unlock market possibilities for these natural medicine products and to encourage consistent revenue streams for the indigenous carriers of the traditional knowledge. 


Our vision is to build a reciprocal relationship with the Earth itself and the native communities closest to these Earth-based medical knowledge systems, which are the very foundation of Ancient Future Medicines. As we build a vast global database, we simultaneously support the communities,villages and families that make these medicines possible, so that these guardians can be sustained and empowered in the global economy whilst preserving their traditional ways of life which carry so much healing wisdom for the world. 


By encouraging and promoting the regenerative propagation and harvesting of wild and cultivated native plant species, we offer the ability to replace other more extractive, toxic, and detrimental industries such as mining, oil exploration, logging, and cattle ranching.  


Additionally we seek to validate ancient botanical medicine knowledge by applying modern scientific methodology to bring novel botanical medicines to market through our commercial partners. 

The IP contained in our database will function like a safe deposit box in a bank. The bank owns the building and the depositor (Indigenous Tribes) owns the contents of his or her box . AFM owns the bank and the depositing communities own the IP they deposit. The deposit of IP in the database does not constitute a legal transfer of IP. It is a "black box" arrangement. Each depositor signs a deposit agreement and the agreement makes clear that we do not claim ownership over the deposited IP and that ownership remains with the depositor, who has the sole right to mobilize that IP into commercialization.

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