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Fog and Nature

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Who we are

We are a group of passionate conservationists: entrepreneurs, indigenous leaders, scientists, ethnobotanists, and academics dedicated to a future of robust health for Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. The western world is undeniably experiencing a natural medicine Renaissance. By activating a community of the leading ethnobotanical thinkers, academic institutions, and indigenous peoples, we will preserve the ancient botanical medicine traditions of our planet and reveal the conservation and economic opportunities associated with this knowledge. 


Modern medical science has demonstrated—emphatically—the curative powers of natural ancient formulations. As these findings fuel collective interest, we must look to the history of colonialism to avoid making the same mistakes yet again. Our goal is to create new ways to make the remarkable benefits of indigenous botanical medicine available on a mass scale, and in doing so take great care to respect the intellectual property and support the associated economic benefit of the people who have been safeguarding and stewarding these medicines for many generations. This is Ancient Future Medicine’s primary purpose.


By creating new full spectrum medicines inspired by ancestral formulas, we will reveal the priceless economic value of wild botanical species, and in doing so we will establish a strong model for widespread rainforest conservation.


Across the great forests flourish an abundance of astounding species of plants, fungus and animals that have provided indigenous people with a pharmacopoeia of naturally potent medicines.

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