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Preserving Ancient Botanical Medical Knowledge

Safeguarding ancestral knowledge

Secure indigenous IP now

Deliver deserved value to source communities


Indigeneous botanical medicine knowledge is rapidly disappearing. These natural medicines need to be urgently documented and preserved so that the world can benefit from their healing properties. Additionally, books with valuable research are going out of print or getting lost in remote libraries globally. Ancient Future Medicine is an urgent mission to preserve humanity’s ancestral medical knowledge and to convert it into a global digital database. 

To embark on a comprehensive search across the planet to preserve and protect indigenous knowledge of botanical medicines in a digital database that can benefit all humanity. Ancient Future Medicine is similar to the International Seed Bank in Norway, which is safekeeping precious heirloom seeds of plant cultivars from around the world. for the benefit of all people. Ancient Future Medicine will decolonize and return rightful ownership and economic benefits associated with this IP into the hands of indigenous communities.



Ancient Future Medicine is dedicated to preserving, documenting and developing the Ancient Botanical Medicine knowledge of the major indigenous cultures of the world, establish indigenous IP ownership through notarization in blockchain smart contracts (NFT’s), thereby ensuring the flow of economic value directly to the source indigenous communities. Through our activities we intend on activating commercially driven rainforest conservation and regeneration by encouraging the sustainable harvesting of wild botanicals for new natural medicine products. Our mission includes the opportunity to provide and increase employment in indigenous communities whilst preserving precious pristine natural environments. 


Impact measurement metrics


Cultural wisdom retained


Indigenous IP income 


Forest acres preserved


Pharmaceutical displacemnt


Ancient compounds saved


Increased healthcare access


Patents filed


Decollonizing boutanical medicine IP


Natural health education created


Indigenous jobs created

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Let's move swiftly to preserve our ancestral birthright

The health of future generations is dependent on preserving the botanical medicine knowledge developed for thousands of years by our ancestors. Let us work together to document this precious knowledge.

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The time is now to activate this urgent mission

Ancient wisdom holders, passing down knowledge orally for generations are dying off. Books containing historical botanical medicine research are going out of print, fragmented academic research is collecting dust in remote libraries around the world. We must act Now!


We will search remote libraries around the world for previously documented botanical medicine knowledge. We will develop relationships with indigenous communities across the globe and seek to develop partnerships with them to bring these ancient medicines to market.

Notarizing idigenous IP

Through smart contracts (NFT’s) we will publicly notarize ancient medicine formulas on behalf of the source communities. When possible we will decolonize previously researched and documented formulas from academia and return the IP to its rightful owners.


By developing new full spectrum medicines inspired by ancestral formulas, we will reveal the priceless economic value of wild botanical species, and in doing so we will establish a strong model for widespread rainforest conservation.


Once ownership is established we will explore opportunities for joint venture (JV) agreements or licensing agreements with the owners of this IP.


Once ownership is established we will explore opportunities for joint venture (JV) agreements or licensing agreements with the owners of this IP.


We will seek to find the best opportunities for our partners to bring ongoing revenue to their botanical medicine IP.


Analyzing>Validating>Concentrating>Optimizing. Through our experience in the food and botanical extraction industries we will use best in class science and tech to analyze and validate the chemical composition of the plant ingredients to better understand their medicinal applications. From there we will work to understand and consider the traditional applications of these plants and how that will inform the product development strategy.

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